The Land of Eternal Spring

Rose Dc0612 381BGuatemalans call their country the Land of Eternal Spring because the climate is like that—at least in Guatemala City.

It would be unusual for the temperature to rise above 90 degrees Fahrenheit or fall below 60 and hover there for very long. Guatemalan residential buildings don’t have central heating, and few would have air conditioning. Chilly at night? Put on a light blanket. Is it stuffy or warm inside? Crank open the louvered windows, as we have for the past several days. (That way you can hear the heavy duty fireworks better in the early morning when someone sets them off to say Happy Birthday to a friend. Rise and shine!)Gaut Dc1212_01b

One of the blessings of the land of eternal spring is beautiful greenery and flowers all year. images can show the beauty better than I can describe it.

Guat Dc0112_1456s

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