Once upon a time in print publishing, there were opportunities for many voices to be heard. Then publishing became a rich man’s game because of the costs of machinery and distribution. Now, in our time, the world of publishing has changed again. Once more there is the opportunity for many voices to be heard, some for good, some for ill. It is my hope that what I write may affect the world for good. Feel free to enjoy and share the words and photos posted here for intellectual enrichment and personal contemplation. But they are copyrighted, and any other publication or use must be done only with permission of the author.

1 thought on “About

  1. Scott Jessen

    Dear Bro. Searle …. I read your article in the Feb. 2021 Loahona by accident about John & Ruth. It took me a minute to catch on to the fact I knew the folks you were writing about.
    IMO Ed to Paris in The late fall of 1984 & actually rented the trailer their son owned for a short period. I really grew fond of the couple and still think about them from time to time. Especially when I drive by the old family home on 1st west. Great people !
    Bro. Scott Jessen (Montpelier,Idaho).


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