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A Lesson in Turning the Other Cheek

Miguel's view

Miguel’s view

Lessons in being a disciple of Christ can continue throughout our lives. That’s a good thing, I’m sure, but some days it seems that the more I learn, the more I see how far I fall short.

Yesterday I learned a good lesson from my friend Miguel. (And to protect his privacy, I’m not using his real name here.)

Miguel showed me something of what it can mean to turn the other cheek.

The first time I met him, he lived in a nice home in the hills above the city—a place he had built as a refuge for his family. It was a lovely place. I enjoyed a few days of peace with them there. How fortunate they were, I felt, to have such a place.

Now he and his wife, well into their “golden” years, live in other circumstances. Their home was taken from them cruelly by someone who coveted—a former business associate Miguel had trusted. A little deception in the office, a little forgery, and my friend and his family found themselves being evicted from their nice home.

He speaks about it matter-of-factly now. There was nothing he could do.

I don’t know if he protested, or if he fought. I would have. But he seems to be at peace with it now.

I’m sure I would still be whining, “But he can’t get away with that! It’s wrong! If people can get away with cheating others like that, then what protection do the law and society offer?”

Some people would be asking “Why?” after something like this happened to them. I have learned that “Why?” is usually useless after the fact—a waste of time. The situation simply must be dealt with, and worrying about the why is unproductive.

But I am not good at letting go when injustice is involved. How can we let someone get away with cheating another innocent person? If society tolerates that, are we not also guilty? Are we not guilty of letting the thief abuse one of Heavenly Father’s children who did not deserve it?

But now we are skirting the dangerous swamp of deciding who “deserves” evil and who does not.

My friend Miguel is wiser than I. He seemingly does not spend any time occupying his mind with past hurts. The man who cheated him may need to carry that baggage into eternity, but Miguel knows that he does not.

He still has the most important things in his life—a strong family, a woman of great spiritual strength beside him, his faith that God loves him. He still looks outward. Getting burned did not make him fearful of extending himself to others. He still serves.

Would I be able to do that? I’m not sure. And this worries me a bit, because that is exactly where the road of discipleship leads.

In the hills above Guatemala City.

In the hills above Guatemala City.


Feliz Navidad from Guatemala

Card 2

They are simple clay figurines, hand-painted by a Guatemalan artisan, and in their simplicity they remind me of our Savior’s humble origins on this earth. As you read this Christmas message, please forgive the deficiencies of my verse and think of His power to save.

In Humility He Came

The most amazing thing
About our Savior’s birth
Is the perfect humility
In which He came to earth.

He came, the Great Creator,
The world’s anointed Savior,
To live as we must live–
No life of mortal favor.

No one can feel the cost
Of His saving sacrifice;
Through faith we just begin to know
The perfect love of Christ.

When He came that first time,
No glory would attend,
But when He comes again,
Every knee will bend.

O let that day be now!
O, Father, grant this favor—
Let Him reign on earth,
Beloved, Blessed Savior!

Por Raquel, y Rudy, y otros amigos. Estas figurillas de barro, pintados a mano por un artista de Guatemala, me recuerdan de las origenes humildes de Jesucristo en la tierra. Al leer este mensaje de navidad, por favor, perdonen las debilidades de mis palabras y piensen en Su poder de salvar.

En Humildad Llegó

En humildad perfecta
El Salvador nació.
En establo llegó a tierra,
En un pesebre durmió.

Vino la primera vez
Sin majestad del cielo.
El día que regrese
Se quitará el velo.

¡Que venga ya el día!
Cantémosle loor.
¡Que reine en la tierra
Nuestro amado Salvador!

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