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House of Peace, House of Joy

Teg22Fb13_901_sJoy is something that people have a hard time holding in. We saw a lot of it coming out last weekend at the dedication of the Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple.

One man I had the opportunity to interview explained it this way. When he was young, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had to travel from Honduras to Mesa, Arizona, to attend a temple. It was a costly, two-week journey by bus. Then there was a temple in Mexico, and it was a journey of several days. The coming of a temple in Guatemala made the trip just a day’s journey. But now—now they can visit the temple every day if they want. And many of them want to do just that.

I can understand. There are two things I enjoy about spending time in a temple. First, as a house of God, it is an extension of His kingdom of heaven, and therefore filled with the peace of God. Second, there is joy in service—knowing I am giving a gift to someone who has passed on from this life and could not enjoy certain blessings without the help of someone living.

For most of my adult life, I have lived where there is a temple close by. Not so for my brothers and sisters in Honduras. I can remember those times when a temple was only a distant dream for most of them. When I served as a missionary here in the mid-1960s, for some of them a trip to the temple meant selling possessions, even sacrificing the tools or Teg22Fb13_888vmeans of their livelihood. Many willingly offered those sacrifices.

Now they can feel the peace and joy of serving in the temple regularly, without being required to pay such a high economic price. All it requires is the broken heart and contrite spirit that God asks of the obedient and penitent.

No wonder they can’t keep their joy inside.

I rejoice with them, and for them.